Modelom riadený vývoj

MDD framework

ALBIQ uses the latest open source MDA/MDD tools from Eclipse foundation like oAW, xText and xPand. The framework generator is an integrated part of safe and well structured development environment. Particular parts of the system, like entities, repositories, services and GUI components are generated from the model, which is prepared using domain specific language (DSL). Thereafter developers are allowed to write their own code or customize all generated services, entities or repositories where appropriate. The source code should be regenerated however each time after changing the DSL model.

  • Consistent project structure; Architecture can be changed by system architect but not by developers;
  • The generated source code is in conformance with the best architecture and patterns available today;
  • Protection of your business value; Services fully independent of invocation and runtime technology;
  • Flexible customization at specific needs and requirements of environment and development project;

Deployment model

One of the main ideas of MDA/MDD is maximum protection of your business value. Supporting applications around your business are generated so IT staff or managers are free to focus on writing pure company policy. Information systems based on ALBIQ are flexible in terms of deployment. Business rules may be customized for any specific environment while surrounded by other business code which remains the same. As you can see from basic deployment in the subsequent figure the comapny choose from among various technologies and protect your investments to future when new technology appears. Your business code doesn't depend on communication technologies like EJBs remote call or messaging. Different technology can be used also for persistent layer, from SQL database to Object Oriented Database.