Používateľské rozhranie

Default screen (Smartclient GUI)


Screen customization possibilities

  • Left panel resized (should be hidden)
  • List resized (should be hidden) In list first two columns frozen
  • Possibility to reorder columns
  • Possibility to hide column
  • Possibility to add column (previous images, Summary editor and Formula editor)
  • Order (sort) list by specific column
  • Group items by specific column
  • Top row in list should be used for filtering
  • You can save your specific list setting, administrator can define system wide setting or change personal setting of any user
  • You can change layout (Tree, Tabbed) and skin (Enterprise, Graphite, Enterprise Blue, Frog, ...) - check next screenshot
  • Rows and columns are lazy loaded when required by client
  • When all rows are fetched all operations like sorting, filtering and grouping are done on client side exclusively (server load is optimized)
  • Comet services allow to send commands to client immediately (show message, logout, ...) 

Definition of calculation collumns


Tabled screen interface