Benefits of portals

Portals have become synonymous with electronic communication in modern companies for which it is important to keep in-depth contact with the client network. They completely replace paper and semi-paper cooperation between provider and recipient of information. Optimal processing of complete documents as well as partial data regardless of geographical barriers, company or industry specifics.

The client network may consist of end users, consumers of goods and services, suppliers and other business partners, including co-workers in employment relationship  (designers, planners, consultants, etc.). Specific groups of clients in the government sectors are e.g. taxpayers, premium payers, recipients of social benefits. In the financial services sector e.g. savers, insured persons, investors, brokers, and so on.


The company is capable to receive much more data from clients and process them internally at the same time. Increasing volume of data goes hand in hand with higher documents' complexity in terms of their structure and content. Customizable system performance without reducing the availability to the users.



Elimination of expenses and lost time in unproductive activities, such as filling out paper forms by hand, lengthy searching for the right data,  exchanging of emails cyclically, endless mentoring of clients, additional bug fixes, communication via traditional postal service, management of physical archives, and many more.


The users have only certain information available under their roles and access rights. Logging into the system, as well as all operations critical in terms of data security, are treated with an enhanced authentication and authorization. Strong protection against loss, devaluation, damage and misuse of information.



Access to the portal through standard internet browsers and graphical interface that supports intuitive work. Easy data sending either via manual entry for typing or import entry for uploading of electronic files. Significant reduction of errors due to methodical validations and automatic pre-filling of the correct values.