▞ System for Financial Brokerage

FiM is a core system for companies that deal with the brokering of financial products, consulting and advisory services. Response to dynamic conditions induced by partners and regulatory bodies (national bank, government, enforcement office, etc.) on the financial market. Support for internal cooperation, financial statements with automated calculation of commissions, brokers-clients communication, information exchange with partners, and more. The system FiM thereby assist in growth of effectiveness, safety and productivity of the company in order to achieve an early return on investments.


All segments and diverse types of financial products are covered thanks to the configurable portfolio:

  • Insurance and assurance: life, property, travel insurance, etc.
  • Capital market: securities trading, single or regular investing
  • Receiving deposits: term deposits and other saving products
  • Granting credits: mortgages, consumer credits, another loans
  • Pension savings: compulsory / complementary pension savings
  • Health care, and more products on financial ev. other market


Full coverage of the brokerage activities and daily workload executed by employees or financial agents. From the lowest brokers, through managers at various levels, up to senior management with the root of the tree. Support for procedural processing of contracts. From making contract proposals, through sending the proposals to partners and receiving of commissions, to termination of the contracts. Automatic calculation of commissions and cancellations that are recorded in personal accounts of the agents. MORE

Implementation of the best practices in the field. Benefits declared after more than 2 years of system operation are amplified by a significant savings in operating costs, and considerable improvement of the quality and security of data. Those time-consuming tasks such as pairing of commissions with contracts, calculation of commissions and cancellations, detecting and repairing of failures are now finished literally in a few minutes and without errors. The final solution may be adjusted to the specific requirements. MORE 

One of the big advantages of this system is its open-source technology. You will get better prices without license fees thanks to the free distributed and modifiable components. Users interact with the system via a standard web browser with no additional components to be installed on the client side. The system has been developed using a JEE / Java platform on the server side. The presentation layer is based on a combination of HTML and JavaScript. MORE

The system can be delivered in two operational modes, either as a custom installation (Standalone application), or providing software as a service (SaaS). Additional custom services are offered in both models in order to achieve high usability, availability and reliability of the system, such as trainings of administrators and ordinary users, helpdesk support, troubleshooting, bug fixing  at agreed times, changes and adding new features as required. MORE