▞ Warehouse Management System

WebStock automates management of stocks as well as all activities associated with purchase and sale of products in any trade organization. The system provides a two-way communication with cash desks, i.e. sending them new goods and receiving sales figures in reverse. Orders, delivery notes, price lists, claims, inventories, statistics and many other beneficial functions are naturaly available. WebStock can be used anytime and anywhere thanks to a standard web browser and internet connection.

  • Clear flow of stocks
  • Simple to operate
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Easy configurability
  • On-line availability

Streamline your stocks by WebStock

  • You get a perfect view over the flow of goods from orders up to to the sale and removal from the storage
  • Support for various sales methods: via a cashdesk, through a delivery note, direct sales to employees, etc.
  • Identify your goods quickly and accurately with using of PLU codes, EAN codes and integrated readers
  • Generate data comfortably in XLS, PDF, CSV files, such as price labels, delivery notes, or other outputs
  • You will be provided with current statistics on sales, profitability, marketability, inventory, complaints, etc.
  • Modify your business network easily, incl. warehouses, shops, cashdesks, suppliers, customers, goods
  • Provide an early warning of important events to employees or system users via e-mail or sms messages
  • Set permissions to workers for their access to data and functions exactly according to their job positions
  • Have a retrospective view of all system operations performed either by individual users or automatically