Factory 4 Solutions, a.s. (F4S)

The company was founded in 2005 by experts from the IT and financial sectors. F4S focuses on innovative information solutions for financial business, commercial enterprises as well as public administration. F4S is an open thinking and flexible, boosting creativity and rapid professional growth of people thanks to interesting cross-sectional projects. From single components and sub-deliveries up to complex systems of high quality, required for banking and telecommunication solutions.

We appreciate the talent and creativity of our people who also have a very high awareness of the IT systems' quality an security.
This allows us to compete successfully also with considerably larger firms or to be more than an interesting partner for them.


for financial

We create specialized systems for an administration and trading of securities, mutual funds, and other assets, for managerial accounting, financial brokerage, or many others. Being professionals in this field we have well-trained experts who are ready to advise and help. MORE

with clients

We create portals that improve internal, client and B2B contacts. EZU - Electronic Data Collection is among the biggest communication nets with private bodies in Slovakia. Portals + EZU have been used e.g. by the Slovak Tax Authority and the Social Insurance Agency. MORE


F4S is the creator of Way4Pay that brings cashless payments into new areas. F4S also expands the idea of electronic currency Cash4City for cities, municipalities, and other integrated communities. These are  rising opportunities of business for banks and merchants. MORE

Company policy enforcement (CPE)

We help companies enforce their internal guidelines. Monitoring with effective interventions over running processes so that the staff keep its optimal procedures and rules. Easy configurability of the rules is supported "on the fly", i.e. without interruptions and system downtime.

Effective process systems

We have process knowledge in various sectors: finance, banking, ICT, manufacturing, and more. Both implementing new and improving previous practices are  flexible with P4P. Cmbining CEP and CPE we build the process management with guaranteed economic return. MORE

Complex event processing (CEP)

We govern relations among events through the corporate rules. The system evaluates the results and performs follow-up actions, from simple to complex interventions. We support CEP oriented processing for insurance, banking, telco, and demanding engineering processes.


We deal with the security of IS and applied data protection. We have implemented nubmer of systems those involving data collection, remote transfer, PKI technology, utilization of electronic signatures, visualization and verification without electronic signature patterns, etc.

of excel

We effectively create the right web application for your company to replace shared excel spreadsheets. Let the orderliness come into your data within just a few days. New systems are operated, poss. on our own facilities, and improved in line with the given standards. MORE

systems (CMS)

We have an extensive experience in systems for documentation and knowledge management. For intra- and extranet purposes, from simple to massive and complex data streams. With our CMS you will never lose your documents; you will always find them where expected.