Solution 4 Printing in Routine


System for administration of mass corporate printing Solution 4 Printing was put in operation in a leading insurance company. It supports the management of printing of both scheduled and ad-hoc documents and the administration of templates. Solution 4 Printing is suitable for implementation in companies and organizations sending personalized documents in paper or electronic form to a large number of clients.

Electronic Employer Registry Form in Social Insurance Agency


On the 20th June 2013 we have put in operation of EZU in Social Insurance Agency new electronic document "Employer Registry Form". It expands the possibilities of electronic communication with Social Insurance Agency about reporting the data changes in employer's registration or deregistration. This can be done electronically without the need to personally come to the branch of Social Insurance Agency and fill in the paper form.

Solution 4 Printing deployed into tests


F4S finished the development of Solution 4 Printing for corporate printing administration. The system provides for an effective management of both ad-hoc and scheduled documents, configurable templates and print jobs. For companies sending personalized correspondence (invoices, account statements and various others) to a large number of clients in either paper or electronic format. It is currently under testing in a leading insurance company.

METIS - System for Project Planning and Management


Factory 4 Solutions published the alfa-version of a System for Project Planning and Management. The system is based on a proven open source project Task Juggler, where the processing takes place. The contribution of Factory 4 Solutions is a web based user interface. Factory 4 Solutions plans in the near future to add functionalities for full project management including processes and tasks.

EZU awarded ITAPA 2012 Gold


The information system "Electronic Services" of Sociálna poisťovna, the Slovak national social insurance institution, developed by Factory 4 Solutions a.s. as a supplier of the main contractor and integrator EMM spol. s r.o. was awarded the Gold medal ITAPA 2012 in the category "Improvement of processes ( official press release).


Factory 4 Solutions has disclosed the format of Way4Pay bill


Factory 4 Solutions a.s. has disclosed the format of the bill utilized in the system of mobile payments Way4Pay.  The usage of bills on payment documents is free for the drawer, but processing of the bills by payment devices and systems is licensed by Factory 4 Solutions, a.s.. Systems and payment devices enable the transfer of bill via NFC, QR or Pick-up code. The integration methods for safe smartphone payments in online shops will be revelead shortly. More information can be found here. Description of the format and conditions of its usage are in the following document.

EZU for Health Care Providers


The new reporting and data capture system for the providers of health care services was introduced into routine by the Social Insurance Agency, Slovak provider of social insurance. The new system, which replaced the formerly used paper-based communication, represents a further extension of the System of Electronic Services, a clone of Electronic Data Capture solution (EZU). The system was developed by Factory 4 Solutions as a subcontract to EMM, spol. s r.o.

Tax Returns via EZU


As of the 28th January 2012, it is possible to submit tax returns to the Slovak Financial Authority (SFA) via the application, Electronic Data Capture (EZU), developed by the experts of F4S. The application is accessible by the taxpayers with a signed agreement with the SFA about electronic delivery and secure a free electronic identifier, which serves as an autentification for signing in to EZU. Therefore it is not required to use a costly authorized digital signature. Tax return might be directly created in EZU by filling in the prepared forms or by submitting a xml file generated by an accounting system. An innovation is a submission of unstructured documents, e.g., appendixes to the tax returns.

Web for the Slovak Financial Authority


F4S created a webpage for Slovak Financial Authority (SFA) that is responsible for internal revenues collections. Our company has been chosen in a close selection process, that evaluated our proposal as the most competitive. To save costs F4S used open source components. The delivery consisted of development, primary content implementation and integration with a simple CMS enabling the SFA to administer and modify the content. SFA became independent of external supplies and capable to manage her web content by the internal staff. The page is accessible at


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