Process modules

P4P is the result of long time development, knowledge and experience of its creators with the implementation of process managemenet. We produce modules for all management areas, from the simplest tasks up to structured processes of various complexity. The resulting solutions are flexibly adjustable to the requirements of industry, company characteristics, or the needs of workforce. Configurable P4P is ideal solution for a racing start of the BPM and its progressive evolution subsequently.



Sales management

Business opportunities
Business cases
Partners (SCM, CRM)
Contracts processing

Cooperation with business partners. Direct communication with customers or the final consumers of products. Support of sales and distribution network.

Services management

Product instalations
Technical support
Product returns
Service interventions

Delivering of services or immaterial products. Applications in various sectors. Engineering services, educations, counseling, brokering, and more.

Fabrication management

Production resources
Production plans
Production orders
Quality reviews

Manufacturing of material based products. Applicable in all types of industries or productions. From simple parts to sophisticated and complex systems.

Warehouse management

Material items
Goods received note
Goods release note

Integrated management of inventory. Material flows in the processes creating products or services. Support of supplying, production and distribution logistics.

Development management

Portfolio management
Product management
Change requests

Pre-production activities, engineering and organizational preparation. Requirements, proposals and configurations of the product and the entire portfolio.

Financial management

Invoice processing
Settlement of claims
Financial planning
Cash-flow recording

Support for billing activities. Integration of financial flows in the processes creating services or products. Planning, monitoring, and evaluating of financial indicators.

HR management

Organizational structure
Training and certificates
Staff evaluations

Human resource planning (recruitment, training, evaluation, promotion, etc.). Remuneration and benefits. Performance Management. Organizational relations.


Document management
Internal guidelines
Library, Vocabulary
Carpark (other facilities)

Activities or functions that support day to day operations. High repeatability and regularity with no direct customer value. Applied across the entire company.


Occasional tasks
Program management
Project management
Approval procedures

Planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling of work. At the operational, tactical and strategic level. Insights  into plans, potentials, risks and achievements.