Electronic Data Collection (EZU)

This module allows user, after meeting safety requirements, to create new or edit the original documents. In this way there can be collected various statements, requests, return forms, routine correspondence, etc. The client sends data trhough manual or import entry incl. control functions for data validation. The reciever shall acquire data in a form that can be processed directly in the internal system. All the stored data are available in optimized views.

Data security
and integration
of clients

client profile

Comfortable import through files, XML, TXT, CSV, and other formats with structure flexible to the needs.

Manual entry for filling out the web forms. Validation, confirmation and results immediately on the screen.

Manual entry (web)

  • Laborious typing of paper forms completely automated
  • Standardized web forms for documents (1:1) and (1:N)
  • Autonomous or interconnected input fields
  • Fields arranged in pages, blocks and groups
  • Arithmetics for easy filling of numeric fields
  • Interactive validation and views of data errors
  • Intelligent auto-filling of the correct values
  • Recording of other files as attachments


Import entry (xml, ...)

  • Supported formats: xml, txt, csv, and others as required
  • Quick creation and saving of bulk documents (N:1) a (N:N)
  • Imported files may be generated in other company system
  • Files configurabiity in terms of their structure and content
  • Validation and views of data errors similar to manual entry
  • Verification of correct structure, syntax and importability
  • Import combinable with the manual editation subsequenly


Control functions

  • Ensure the completeness and accuracy of data storage
  • Format validation: duty of fields, length, characters, etc.
  • Logical validation: enumerations, ref. fields, registers
  • Technical validation: correct structure and syntax of files
  • Flexible adjustability of individual control programs
  • Errors can serve to inform or alert the users
  • Errors can stop saving or further processing


Treatment process

  • Saving, post-treatment, transmission, other specific operations
  • Workflow management with using status and another atributes
  • Overview and generation of printouts from the collected data
  • E-mail and SMS users notification about significant operations
  • Export of binding confirmation about the data saving / sending
  • Encrypted security features (QR codes, key protection, etc.)