Technical description

Portals are built on a reliable three-layer architecture: 1. presentation, 2. application, 3. data layer. The platform Framewrok 4 Portals is not tied to any particular technology. Each layer can use both open source and commercial components equally well, conforming to the preferences and capabilities of the company.

The whole portal solution is web-based, Java-oriented and independent of the operating system of the client - data provider. The only thing user needs is a standard internet browser (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and other newer versions) without any additional installations. Parallelized and scalable architecture on the company site - data receiver. High security of the operation in terms of failures of hardware components. Seamless scalability (factor close to 100%) thanks to expandable capacity in all layers according to the desired output so as to cope with the peak loads associated with collection periods of the various data .

The collected documents are stored in the portal database or in the filesystem folders. Solution depends on the processing requirements and the requirements of system throughput. The collected data can be further processed in an internal information system of the company either in synchronous or asynchronous mode.