Mobile Payment Systems

is a payment system of a new generation for smart phone cashless payments.


is a system for an electronic currency issuing and circulation for cities and other communities.


Way4Pay enables to substitute cash in almost any situation, even in areas currently dominated by cash, which have not been suited for cashless purchases because of the costs, technical or other reasons. It supports remote sales. Significantly lowers the expenses of the investment in payment place and minimalizes costs of the payment itself.


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Create a currency for your city. Pay your citizens for their activities or services for the community. Offer them the possibility to relax in the city spa, park their cars or use of the other community operated facilities in exchange for their earned city currency. Universities, pay your students for their activities in favor of the university and allow them to use your services in exchange. Companies, allow your customers or partners to earn perks and exchange them for your services, discounts or the services of your partners.

All this and more with   (C4C) – software and hardware support for community currencies.

Why community money?

  • The maximum utilization of the existing infrastructure. Implementation into the bank is about to plug-and-play style. The support for merchant is available as a cloud solution or easy integrable into the existing environment. The payers application can be downloaded from the app stores into his or her smartphone and registered in any of the participating banks.
  • Brick and internet shops with any kind of goods. Travel tickets, parking, admission tickets, motorways fees or charges for different services. Features as delivery versus payment are available to increase confidence in e-shops.
  • Superior security and more effective payments. Reduced costs of theinstallation and operation of a payment place and purchase processing.
  • Internet communication, NFC devices, SMS, QR codes. Verification of the purchased products, such as an digital travel ticket, in smart phone.
  • The issuer of the currency is the community (town hall) itself. The community sets the currency value by publishing the price lists for services the community expects from the citizens or the ones it offers to the public in the units of C4C. MORE
  • Offer of the community = goods and services offered by the community to the public.
    Demand of the community = working time, goods ans services community expects from the public, also the possibility to pay fees and taxes. MORE
  • Accessibility for everyone in electronic or paper form. Swift conversion of digital checks to paper currency and back. MORE
  • Contains all components - on the side of the community and for the payers and merchants as well. MORE