Solutions - software products

Practically proven solutions, repeatedly applicable by miscellaneous firms without extensive changes, are offered both as off-the-rack and tailor-made products. Our systems stand for one of the important factors contributing to a long term business success of our clients. They serve companies in accurate decision making and generation of sales, support management on all layers, and improve their maturity in terms of methodolgy and technology.

Factory 4 Solutions provides modern information systems in the following areas. 

Process Systems
  • All application fields and businesses
  • Process modules: Using of BPMN 2.0 and XML for the process configurability
  • Basic: Organization, Administration, ...
  • Assistance: Reports, Dashboard, I/O, .

Payment Systems
  • Cashless payments of new generation
  • Payments for goods and services with the mobile smart phones and internet
  • Entirely covered process, from issue of bill, to the settlement of accounts


  • For public and commercional domains
  • Complete register of company's clients
  • Sending and receiving of documents
  • Client ledger with review of operations
  • Data exchange among other systems
Company Portals

  • For banks, insurance offices and other subjects, incl. brokering / consulting
  • Managerial accounting in organization
  • Regular and exceptional statements
  • Automatition of operating procedures
Business Systems


With using our own technology frameworks well-established procedures, knowledge and experience, all relevant aspects are taken into development: architecture, functional and technical design, process and organizational guidelines, construction and deployement, infrastructure, operation and supporting services. We focus on key pillars of the software quality in order to maximize benefits for the company and also individual users:

  • Funcionality
  • Reliability
  • Applicability
  • Performance
  • Maintainability
  • Portability