Technological progress


Integrating ACTIVITI Engine into ALBIQ Framework


F4S has completed the integration of the ACTIVITI process engine into our own technology framework ALBIQ . Thanks to this, we have a full-featured process framework based on Business Processes Modelling Notation (BPMN2.0) now available. The integration makes the development of software solutions to support any business processes with ALBIQ easier and more efficient. The system configurability is possible also on the process layer without deploying new versions, utilizing a wide range of ACTIVITI technologies, which increases user value of the applications.

BigData Juggler deployed into Tests


BIG DATA solution BigData Juggler has been deployed for testing in an important public service institution in Slovakia. Using the HADOOP and HBase distributed technology, BigData Juggler is the right tool for processing towering data on 5 million clients of the Social insurance, monitoring and analyzing trends. BigData Juggler represents a new paradigm of Data Warehousing that brings excellent performance for fraction of expenses of traditional data warehouses. We will bring more information soon.

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