Project achievement


Integration of PrintManager and Process System in Aegon


The corporate printing system PrintManager was linked to the process management system Portal 4 Processes in Aegon company. Business-processed documents (from optical archive) can be added as attachments to manual documents that are created in the PrintManager. Files of the attachments are included in the output generated from the manual document, getting into the client's correspondence all in one. The integration is done at file system as well as database and application layer.

WebKlient a WebAgent with access to supplementary pension savings


Portals WebKlientWebAgent has been extended to the area of supplementary pension savings. Clients of AEGON d.s.s., a.s. have an overview of mandatory and voluntary contributions, distribution of savings in the funds as well as the total value of their pension account. These data are updated on a daily basis. Agents' access improves the cooperation in distribution network. Other features include a digital archive of annual account statements, history of financial transactions, and SMS/e-mail notifications.

Commission system in ČSOB - Routine operation started


During summer we put the Commission System (PrISBank) into a routine operation for the bank "Československá obchodná banka, a.s." This system is custom made to specific requirements, belonging to the advanced business systems produced under the F4S brand. PrISBank fully automates calculation and distribution of the commissions for mortgage loans brokering, incl. integration with internal bank systems and e-mail notification of brokers. With regard to the further development, processing of ČSOB's consumer loans is expected.

Successful integration of WebKlient portal with Payment Gateway


Internet portal WebKlient, serving for the insurance company's clients, was integrated with the AEGON's own payment gateway. The clients now have an opportunity to use simple online electronic payment right after logging into their accounts. New service covers payments of ordinary and extraordinary premiums, as well as arrears on life or non-life insurance. According to AEGON, the use of it started immediately the next day: "We already have some payments through the WebKlient :-)".

Commission system in ČSOB - Acceptance testing started


F4S has deployed the commission system (PrISBank) to testing in the bank "Československá obchodná banka, a.s." This new system automates calculation and distribution of the commissions to agents for mortgage loans brokering, with an intention to include also other bank products in the future. PrISBank was developped with our existing technology components used for "billing and processing", which are part of advanced business systems produced under the F4S brand.

Claims settlement in insurance company automated by P4P


F4S has implemented a process management support of another incurance company's key process - Claims settlement or a liquidation of insurance events. This new module is part of the Portal 4 Processes system for AEGON Slovensko a.s. P4P manages a complex workflow from event registration, through an investigation and multilevel approval, to the payment of benefits, while compliance with deadlines monitoring. Other information systems are integrated with P4P, such as for loading of insurance coverages, updating of payment reserves, or processing of newly delivered documents.

System PIC in routine for another securities broker


The Processing Investment and Custody (PIC) system was successfully put into operation at Salve Investments o.c.p., a.s. Our solution was chosen as a replacement of their old core system, which had been used for over 10 years, but no longer met all the requirements for securities trading. Therefore a migration of business history was an importat part of the new system deployment to ensure a continuity of client accounts without a loss of comfort both of the company and its clients.

System implementation for Securities Depository


Implementation of the core information system in order to support securities depository's operation sucessfully completed in The National Central Securities Depository in Slovakia. The F4S company within its project management office services provided processing of the main project documents, communitcation with suppliers and coordination umbrella for individual project phases. The project was managed in accordance with the methodology PRINCE 2.

PIC for Salve Investments - Acceptance testing started


Development of Processing Investment & Custody (PIC), version 2.0, is moving forward. Launch of the tests in September 2015 counts among the important project milestones. F4S's client is Salve Investments o.c.p., a.s. providing investment and ancillary services of securities and other financial instruments in Slovakia and Czech Republic, with the expansion aim to other countries. We are approaching completion of this upgraded version with many technological and functional enhancements.

1st payment in e-živec through the Way4Pay system


Yesterday there was 1st payment made in e-Živec, an electronic city currency "Bratislavský živec", issued by a nonprofit organization "Živica" to support the local economy. The payment was carried out in Živica's Ekoobchod. Advanced payment system Way4Pay, developed by Factory 4 Solutions a.s., is used for processing of the payments. We believe in an early expansion of e-Živec both in brick stores and online shops. Honey was the first commodity purchased. What a sweet taste!


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