Advanced funcionality


Support of "Solvency II" in IFA system for Aegon


We have added new features to the Internal Funds Administration (IFA) system in line with the European directive "Solvency II". The Aegon insurance company hereby adjusts its information system to the legislastion that aims to unify a single EU insurance market and enhance consumer protection.

MiFIR reporting transactions


Factory 4 Solutions a.s. successfully completed the implementation of a daily transactions reporting of investment instruments into the PIC business system in accordance with the requirements of the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR). More information about MiFIR.

GDPR functions implemented in the Commission system


Together with the bank "Československá obchodná banka, a.s." we have aligned the commission system (PrISBank) with requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new legislation brings major changes and obligations for businesses. PrISBank performs personal data erasure, automatically at defined intervals, with user-adjustable deadlines for forgetting of data for each type of records.

Entries in the register of pension insurance electronically


The Social Insurance Agency in Slovakia continues to develop the system of Electronic Data Collection (EZU). Employers can send their sheets of pension insurance in an electronic form from 4 January 2016 and about 70 % of them already use this possibility. There is no need to visit office personally but several benefits are provided to users like on-line visibility of sent documents, input data control, printing functions and more.

Successful integration of process system with company portal


F4S completed integration of the 2 among several its systems implemented in AEGON company. Documents processed through the P4P-DMS are automatically made available now in the WebAgent portal as well. Both internal and external staff agents access full client and contract documentation more effectively while meeting high safety requirements. Following on from the document management we expect new connections of systems and  functional areas could arise.

WebStock - Innovative solution for Warehouse Management


After a year of development with the successful implementation we introduce  WebStock, a new system that automates administration of stocks and all activities associated with the purchase or sale of goods in a trade organization. It provides two-way communication with cashdesks, processing of orders, delivery notes, complaints, pricelists setup, stocktaking, generation of business statistics, and others. Development of the system considering new requirements of our clients is still alive, and thus another beneficial functionalities are expected in the short term.

Better overview of transactions in supplementary pension scheme


The portal "STABILITA Portal" operated by the complementary pension scheme provider STABULITA d.d.s., a.s.  received new functionalities. The clients are displayed detailed information on all transactions - contributions and pension payouts booked on their individual accounts. Both pension savers and beneficiaries receive a detailed overview on transactions and balances of their complementary pension accounts. Statements can also be downloaded and printed. "STABILITA Portal" is maintained and further developed by Factory 4 Solutions, see more in REFERENCES.


Domain support for Corporate Printing Administration


System Solution 4 Printing was extended with a domain support, which divides the administration of corporate printing under organizational branches or domains. The employees can only access a bounded set of documents according to their subject-matter competence. Reviews, the creation of other documents or template administration are unavailable without the assignment to the relevant domain. The system is deployed in a production operation for Aegon Slovak Republic.

SEPA implemented


The support of payments, part of Single European Payment Area (SEPA), has been implemented into the system for internal funds administration of investment life insurance  IFA. The aim of SEPA is the unification of domestic and international payments between payers and recipients. In addition to the uniform format, SEPA brings down the costs of  making and processing the payments in information systems.


Electronic Employer Registry Form in Social Insurance Agency


On the 20th June 2013 we have put in operation of EZU in Social Insurance Agency new electronic document "Employer Registry Form". It expands the possibilities of electronic communication with Social Insurance Agency about reporting the data changes in employer's registration or deregistration. This can be done electronically without the need to personally come to the branch of Social Insurance Agency and fill in the paper form.


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