Integration of PrintManager and Process System in Aegon


The corporate printing system PrintManager was linked to the process management system Portal 4 Processes in Aegon company. Business-processed documents (from optical archive) can be added as attachments to manual documents that are created in the PrintManager. Files of the attachments are included in the output generated from the manual document, getting into the client's correspondence all in one. The integration is done at file system as well as database and application layer.

Claims settlement in insurance company automated by P4P


F4S has implemented a process management support of another incurance company's key process - Claims settlement or a liquidation of insurance events. This new module is part of the Portal 4 Processes system for AEGON Slovensko a.s. P4P manages a complex workflow from event registration, through an investigation and multilevel approval, to the payment of benefits, while compliance with deadlines monitoring. Other information systems are integrated with P4P, such as for loading of insurance coverages, updating of payment reserves, or processing of newly delivered documents.

Successful integration of process system with company portal


F4S completed integration of the 2 among several its systems implemented in AEGON company. Documents processed through the P4P-DMS are automatically made available now in the WebAgent portal as well. Both internal and external staff agents access full client and contract documentation more effectively while meeting high safety requirements. Following on from the document management we expect new connections of systems and  functional areas could arise.

Tests of DMS successfuly completed in Arca Capital


Acceptance testing of process-oriented document management system (DMS) for "Arca Capital" group has been successfully completed. The decision on implementation of a common solution was driven by benefits of unifaction of the document management for several companies of the whole group. The DMS in its early operation allows storing of all documents in one place, systematic access control and higher security, with significantly easier and more effective cooperation among the companies and persons.

Another DMS accepted in routine operation


After a successful migration of historical documents, new system for centralized document management (DMS) has been accepted by "AEGON Životná poisťovňa,  a.s." in routine operation. The system communicates with 4 production legacy systems of the insurance company through an integration service interface. The development of DMS for Aegon is based on the F4S's Portal 4 Processes framework, which includes a process & integration engine supporting process management, workflow and a convenient system integration.

P4P into routine operation in insurance company


Process system Portal 4 Processes (P4P) was deployed into routine in the company "AEGON Životná poisťovňa, a.s." in early January 2015. The starting operation provides for a comprehensive document management system used to support daily communication with clients. From the draft contract up to the final confirmation, including various annexes and supplements, as well as postal and e-mail correspondence. The implementation of P4P continues in Aegon to cover all the processes of a business case in the insurance industry.

Pocess management started in Aegon with the support of P4P


F4S has put another system Portal 4 Processes (P4P) into testing operation for insurance company "AEGON Životná poisťovňa, a.s." The main aim of the project is to streamline and improve business processes throughout the company. Starting from a document management with functionality extension towards an automation of the whole business cases, i.e. insurance contracts. We have created new solution of P4P to support processes in any insurance, quickly and easily customizable to specific needs and requirements.

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