Technology - development frameworks

Factory 4 Solutions invests in development of in house technology platforms that are subsequently used for the development of particular software solutions and products. These platforms contain components such as libraries, process and rule engines, development patterns, APIs and others, adding to the applications their unique properties. We are able to meet customer requirements in this way more effectively and efficiently for various applications, domains and specific business environments. Analysts, designers, coders and other participants in development don't need to solve all issues but fully concentrate on their own tasks within a project.

  • Tailor made enterprise applications
  • Control of organizational structure
  • Configurable business processes

  • Rapid analysis, design, programming
  • Company rules management effectively
  • Implementation of Business Intelligence


  • Simplicity of graphical user interface
  • Comprehensive access to information
  • Individual communication with clients

Standardized software structures allow us to achieve advantages and improvements in all stages of the development cycle:

  • simplification of analysis and construction while complying with dynamic requirements
  • savings in production time, from the first idea up to the deployment in routine operation
  • cost reduction in development of new applications, their changes and improvements
  • significant elimination of errors and quality enhancement of the resulting source code
  • improved reusability of the whole models, its parts, components and functional modules
  • contributions for better project management and cooperation among the team members
  • decreased costs for operation, support and maintenance of the information systems