Support of "Solvency II" in IFA system for Aegon

We have added new features to the Internal Funds Administration (IFA) system in line with the European directive "Solvency II". The Aegon insurance company hereby adjusts its information system to the legislastion that aims to unify a single EU insurance market and enhance consumer protection.

This regulation has 3 main areas:

  • 1) Quantitative requirements, such as valuation of assets and liabilities, technical provisions, etc.;
  • 2) Qualitative requirements for the governance, risk management and effective supervision of insurers;
  • 3) Market disclosure, transparency and reporting requirements.

MiFIR transactions reporting

Factory 4 Solutions a.s. successfully completed the implementation of a daily transactions reporting of investment instruments into the PIC business system in accordance with the requirements of the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR). More information about MiFIR.

GDPR functions implemented in the Commission system

Together with the bank "Československá obchodná banka, a.s." we have aligned the commission system (PrISBank) with requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new legislation brings major changes and obligations for businesses. PrISBank performs personal data erasure, automatically at defined intervals, with user-adjustable deadlines for forgetting of data for each type of records.

Integration of PrintManager and Process System in Aegon

The corporate printing system PrintManager was linked to the process management system Portal 4 Processes in Aegon company. Business-processed documents (from optical archive) can be added as attachments to manual documents that are created in the PrintManager. Files of the attachments are included in the output generated from the manual document, getting into the client's correspondence all in one. The integration is done at file system as well as database and application layer.

WebKlient a WebAgent with access to supplementary pension savings

Portals WebKlient and WebAgent has been extended to the area of supplementary pension savings. Clients of AEGON d.s.s., a.s. have an overview of mandatory and voluntary contributions, distribution of savings in the funds as well as the total value of their pension account. These data are updated on a daily basis. Agents' access improves the cooperation in distribution network. Other features include a digital archive of annual account statements, history of financial transactions, and SMS/e-mail notifications.

AEGON WebKlient  

Commission system in ČSOB - Routine operation started

During summer we put the Commission System (PrISBank) into a routine operation for the bank "Československá obchodná banka, a.s." This system is custom made to specific requirements, belonging to the advanced business systems produced under the F4S brand. PrISBank fully automates calculation and distribution of the commissions for mortgage loans brokering, incl. integration with internal bank systems and e-mail notification of brokers. With regard to the further development, processing of ČSOB's consumer loans is expected.