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Our solutions

Our company developed information systems, successfully deployed and operated by clients.

Financial market

For our clients, we have developed and implemented complex information systems and specialized sub-systems covering a wide range of activities and requirements of companies operating in the financial markets. Our clients include banks, insurance companies, securities dealers, investment fund managers and financial brokers.

Securities Trader System

A comprehensive solution for a securities dealer or a bank. Provides all activities related to the execution of their own including client transactions, from the receipt of the order, through its processing and execution to the acounting of transactions in the information system and trade balance.

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Financial broker system

Central information System for brokerage firms, providing brokerage of financial products, expert advice and related services. It represents the implementation of the best principles and procedures in the areas of financial intermediation and advice.

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Fund managers system

An effective and affordable solution for managing asset funds for asset management companies operating under the UCITS IV Directive. Provides all the functions necessary to ensure the management of the fund management company, register of investors, clearing trades up to data exports to other systems.

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Insurance contract life cycle management

System for the core systems integration of an insurance company. Allows access to user data through a single interface. It enables automation and streamlining operations with clients within an insurance company

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Internal fund management system

A solution for automation of the management of internal life insurance funds created by the life insurance company for needs so-called unit-linked products. Automates the activities and processes associated with asset management of "unit linked" schemes such as mutual funds, unit trusts or investment life insurance funds.

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System for calculation, administration and payment of commissions

Comprehensive system for calculating, managing and paying sales agents' commissions. The system can work independently or fully integrated into the client's information infrastructure. Its functionality ensures accurate and secure calculation of commissions according to complex rules for large multi-level networks.

Payment agency system

Complete payment system solution through mobile devices. The system makes it possible to build a new generation shopping and sales system. It uses smartphones for goods and services payments, even in areas where cash payments are currently being dominated. The system covers the entire process from the moment of sale to settlement on client and vendor accounts.

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Enterprises and Public administration

Our solutions developed for public administration and businesses are characterized by the widest and complexity coverage of client requirements. Our developed systems and subsystems enable software automation of corporate processes, ensure the need for fast, accurate and secure communication with partners and clients, and reliable and safe reception, processing and delivery of large amounts of Data and documents.

Electronic Communications Portal

The solution from our company is a comprehensive information system serving businesses and institutions to communicate quickly and accurately with a large network of partners, clients and employees via the Internet and the WEB. Our system has found application in institutions and businesses that receive and issue a large amount of data or documents, with an emphasis on high reliability and security.

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Process management system

Information system focused on software automation of process management within the enterprise. It is the result of long-term development, knowledge and experience of its creators with the implementation of process management.

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Document Management system

A system for process management of the circulation of documents in the organization of any focus, size or organisational complexity.

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Corporate Printing system

System for ensuring a fast, accurate and inexpensive administration of corporate printing. Provides efficient management and generation of printed documents for mass printing and communication with clients.

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Big Data

We deal with the creation of data warehouses based on Big Data technologies. We use various open source and commercial solutions. We can process a complete project. It consists of several steps and depends individually on each client.

Complex services for Big Data

Nami spracovaný projekt zahŕňa nasledovné kroky:

  • HW Infrastructure Design
  • Selection of appropriate tools (Hadoop, HBase, RDBMS, NoSQL, ElasticSearch, Spark,...)
  • Data collection (Bus connections, databases, file systems, various CMS repositories, ...)
  • Analysis (statistical processing, correlation analysis, neural networks, ...)
  • Visualization - Presentation of results using different graphs and reports

  • Individual steps can be performed one time or set up the system to periodically perform these steps automatically as far as possible incremental without undue burden on other infrastructure.

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