FIM - Financial Broker system

The FIM financial broker system fully covers the activities of the brokerage firm and the day-to-day work tasks performed by employees or subordinate agents. From the lowest intermediaries, through managers to different levels, to the tree root and top management.
The FIM system has integrated support for process processing of contracts. From the creation of the proposal, through sending the contract to a partner and receipt a commission, or cancellation or termination of the contract. Automatic calculation of commissions and canceled commissions with a direct record on the broker's account.
System configurability allows you to cover all sectors and any types of financial products:
  • Insurance or reinsurance: life, property, travel insurance, etc..
  • Capital market: Securities trades, one-off or repeated investments
  • Receipt of deposits: term deposits, and other savings products
  • Loan lending: mortgage and consumer loans, and other loans
  • Retirement savings: mandatory or supplementary pension savings
  • Healthcare, and other products on financial, or other market

Benefits of using FIM

System operation is accompanied by significant cost savings, significant improvements in data quality and security. The system delivers significant savings by replacing the paper or semi-electronic form of work with a fully automated operation.

Lots of troublesome tasks, such as matching commissions with contracts, commission calculations and billing cancellations, discovering and eliminating deficiencies, can now be done literally in minutes and without errors in fully automated operation.

It is fully modifiable in accordance with the specific requirements of the brokerage firm, internal staff, intermediaries and, if necessary, end-users. Of course, there is also the possibility of integrating with inheritance systems in the company, various accounting applications, personnel, payroll or management information systems..

Benefits proven by the practical use of the system include, among others:
  • Flexible product tracking with agreed commission bases and reliable contract delivery.
  • Fast, accurate, and complete processing of commissions listings, early detection and troubleshooting of errors made by partners.
  • Eliminating contract mistakes, strengthening the partner's responsibility towards the firm and clients.
  • Transparent and efficient cooperation in the chain "company - broker - client - partner - firm".
  • Flexible set-up of the commission and career models based on the performance of the company and individual persons.
  • Reliable commission calculation; a secure solution to the payment of rewards for risk contracts threatened by fraud.
  • Attribution of commissions to personal accounts.
  • Compliant technical security according to the NBS, simple evidence of qualification prerequisites.

Main features

Portfolio management
  • Definition of business partners, types of products, and sub-registries acording NBS
  • Products register from business partners: insurance companies, banks, dds, and other companies
  • Own products register - product combinations and various products from non-partners
  • Define the commissions bases for the calculation and control of commissions for the products concerned
  • Manual record records or bulk import via file (xls, csv)
Network management
  • Support for agency system, multilevel marketing, or combined brokerage system
  • List of brokers with hierarchical visibility of records from managers' perspective
  • Graphic representation of an brokers structure in the form of an organizational tree of the company
  • Each broker is also a system user, accessing his / her own data
  • Rules of commissions: consultation and management positions, remuneration rules
  • Define career conditions: rules for promotion, maintain and degrade positions
  • Definition of authorizations: internal mandates and legal qualification prerequisites for activity (NBS)
  • Attribution of commissions or rewards to individual accounts
  • Record history: positions, mandates, profesional competence and competence, senior managers
Management of clients
  • A transparent list of clients and insured persons
  • Adding clients' own contact persons
Register of contracts
  • List and contract details with hierarchical visibility of records from manager point of view
  • Preservation of contractual documentation in the form of electronic attachments (scans and other files)
  • Full process of processing the contract: establishment, intervention, dispatch, acceptance, etc.
  • Extensive functionality for sorting, arranging and searching for contracts throughout the registry
  • Record history of contracts: brokers changes, cleared commissions, reminders
  • Support for managing reminders and importing debit reports from partners (xls, csv)
Commissions import
  • Configurable import of commissions reports from partners via file (xls, csv)
  • Automatically or manually pairing commissions with registered contracts in the system
  • Checking the correct amount of commission received and detecting deviations from the expected commission
Regular deadline
  • Fraud protection based on many parameters in the contracts of clients and brokers
  • Calculation of commissions based on the predefined rules
  • Distribution of commissions across the company's network of brokers:
    • Records of credits and debits on their personal accounts
    • Settlement of accounts' operations
    • Summarization of transactions
    • Calculation of bonuses
  • Career management
System administration
  • Administration of system users and their access privileges to data and functionalities
  • Products categorization, consulting and managerial positions
  • Corporate rules: career conditions, compensation rules, permision conditions, etc.
  • Intepretations of files (xls, csv) for import or export of various data
  • Supports various data formats - csv, xls, txt, pdf, xml, html and more
  • Ready-made standard reports:
    • Protocol for sending contracts to business partners
    • Commission sheets for brokers - summary views and detailed breakdowns
    • Bank transfers
    • Managerial outputs: volume of trading, ranklists, problem contracts, etc.
  • Custom tailored reports available on request