DMS - Document management system

System supports document management processes in the organization of any business focus, size or complexity. It improves the whole cycle of documents creation and sharing with an emphasis on cooperation efficiency and security. The processes are freely configurable allowing both internal employees and external partners to participate only via their web browser. Document structures, categorization, version control, approval of documents, custom enumerations, bulk import and many other useful functions.
  • The right documents always at the right place and the right time.
  • Quick-to-implement and generally popular among users.
  • Document sharing of diverse types, content and format.
  • Full process support with a flexible setup of procedures.
  • It grows with your needs even beyond document management.


Document resources
  • Creation of a new document by manually filing data in form fields.
  • Automatic import from the company's repository of electronic files.
  • Paper documents with using of scanners and a post-processing tools.
  • E-mail messages with attachments sent to specified e-mail addresses.
  • Universal database import loading the metadata from other systems.
  • Direct import of document-centric processes (e.g. during data migration).
Manual operations
  • Modifications of document's control records.
  • Task assignment to the selected system user.
  • Approval of documents for their usage.
  • Task execution according to the assignment.
  • Invalidation of the selected documents.
  • and others for specified requirements
Automatic operations
  • Gathering metadata from other systems at set intervals.
  • Creating logical connections among documents each other.
  • Interlinking of documents with other assosiated processes.
  • Tasks execution and deadline monitoring with escalations.
  • Versioning - automatic increase when the file is changed.
  • and others for specified requirements.
Access rights
  • Visibility of documents (processes) in the main list.
  • Access to a detailed overview of the chosen document.
  • Opening of physical files being document attachments.
  • Special privileges for the so-called "secret document".
  • Permissions under position in the organizational structure.
  • Permissions under document classification (types and groups).
Other functions
  • Parametric notification, e.g. e-mail message when the invoice over 500 Eur is received.
  • Custom configurations: imports, firms, document categories, attachment types, etc.
  • Unique identification of the documents with using of bar codes or other optical codes.
  • Reports such as statistics on document processing, summary overview of tasks, etc.
  • Priorities for tasks solving in the proper order based on their importance and urgency.
  • Configuration of the document processes according to specific organization's needs.