ALBIQ®Process - process management support system

Systém ALBIQ®Process ALBIQ®Process is synonymous with advanced enterprise automation while reducing costs and increasing productivity. Extends the capabilities of standard systems and enables process management exactly according to the needs of your business.

Instead “Think big” think of “Quick winn!”

The size of the project exponentially increases the risk of its failure, budget failure or timing, or failure to achieve the project goal. Already in the development, we have been pursuing the goal of achieving rapid results in client projects. After a short period of time, the client can take advantage of critical process support, gradually add additional processes until it has full process support for its planned areas of operation.

  • Individual processes are implemented progressively (or in parallel), but each process is deployed independently of others, which can quickly bring benefits to the customer.
  • The design of each process is maximally interactive, the prototype is quickly deployed, allowing the client to quickly test it.
  • Standard BPMN notation is used, process analysis is separated from implementation, but process design is quickly tested in the pilot.
  • Changes in processes can be deployed "on the flight" - further increasing interaction in development.
  • Optimized operating costs.
  • Enhanced productivity across the organization.
  • Better cooperation between people and departments.
  • Effective planning, implementation and control.
  • Guaranteed investment return.
  • Quick startup.
  • Easy customization.
  • High availability of the system (24/7).
  • Seamless integration.
  • Popularity among users.

Benefits of using the system ALBIQ®Process

The system grows gradually, to the extent that it meets the needs and financial possibilities of the company. The company acquires the ability to efficiently, promptly, completely and precisely manage its processes. From the outset, you gain a range of benefits that have a positive effect on economic performance.

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Process definition

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View of the process state

Benefits for employees
For managers
  • Strengthening the management functions at all levels. Delegating work assignments during the model process.
  • Automatic tracking of deadlines and notification of deviations.
  • Systematic remuneration of Employees based on their performance.
  • Improving decision support awareness.
  • A transparent register of processes under the responsibility of the manager.
  • Statistical and analytical reports with real-time results "Dashboard" - monitoring of selected process indicators.
  • Process management in accordance with the organizational structure.
  • Defining organizational units and relationships.
  • Managing employees, including them in functions and units.
  • Set up mutual representation and other conditions.
For IT staff
  • Ability to support virtually any business process.
  • Flexibility due to the configurability of workflows and screens.
  • Analysis and design of processes using graphical and text models.
  • Simple communication with top organization management.
  • Simple communication with managing and production staff.
  • Clear user administration, access rights, and roles in the system.
  • Guaranteed audibility of actions performed by individual users.
  • Integrity with other systems: accounting, warehouse, logistics, and so on.
For all
  • High comfort, user intuitiveness and interactivity.
  • Access to the system through Internet browsers.
  • A transparent register of tasks under the responsibility of the worker concerned.
  • Information on the historical development of the process or task in question.
  • Process functionality tailored to workload needs.
  • Effective data viewing - filtering, personalization, sorting, paging, search, purpose reports, calculators, and other tools.
  • Notification of important events occurring during the process.
  • Fast communication with built-in chat module.

Features ALBIQ®Process


ALBIQ®Process provides balanced functionality through data-linked modules (technologies) that are intuitively available through bookmarks in the application menu. Basic modules are used to manage the organizational structure and system settings. Support modules are used to generate various management outputs from the system. Basic and supportive functionality, usable in all sectors and business environments, is combined with process modules to support specific business processes to meet specific customer requirements.


ALBIQ®Process supports day-to-day work of users using an intranet or global network through regular web browsers.

The software application is comfortably usable also on tablet computers, laptops, smartphones and various other mobile devices. The system is designed to help communicate in a multilingual and multicultural business environment. Both an own and external employee, a vendor or a customer's representative, can log in anywhere and at any time, and without operational limitations, they can effectively handle their process tasks.


ALBIQ®Process can be made available to all employees as a full-portal portal, from top management to production staff, across the entire organizational structure.

The user interface encourages employees to become more productive and efficient, thanks to a clear menu, intuitive control, systematic data and features, personal settings, and other beneficial features. The process engine can automate multiple processes across the product lifecycle, from the opening of the business opportunity to the delivery to the customer.


ALBIQ®Process improves the company's technological excellence, and at the same time also enables it to quickly adapt its processes to new requirements and needs.

Configurable processes (tech) are based on design models. The specialist suggests any process in the form of a Business Processes Modeling Chart (BPMN) and XML files. Subsequent implementation into process modules does not require any changes to the source code. Processes are thoroughly analyzed in this way prior to deploying the resulting solution into a routine operation.


ALBIQ®Process is built on the ALBIQ® platform from the F4S workshop using open source technology. We also achieve BPM returns for small and medium-sized businesses whose spending on IS is significantly limited.

The investment availability of ALBIQ® combines performance and user comfort. Companies often spend royalties on the use of software. The benefits and ever wider possibilities today are motivating managers to change their attitude from "why