Our Services

Process optimization

Knowledge of processes is a prerequisite for successful management of each company. Their improvement is a guaranteed way to get to the top. The purpose of optimizing processes can be to improve their efficiency, quality and security. F4S consultants map out the baseline situation, create a process model, define areas and goals for improvement, and suggest options for achieving these goals. We work with the Capabilities Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and BPMN (Business Process Management Notation) standards. Outputs serve management to improve management and the gradual introduction of best business practices. The process model of the company is the basis for the rational use of support information systems. Thanks to the broad experience and knowledge of our consultants, we can optimize processes in multiple areas: Banking and other financial sectors , Information and communication technologies, Industrial production and related services, State administration and other public sectors.

Project management

Long-term experience in managing diverse ICT projects and working in an international environment is the added value that F4S can provide you. Our project managers are committed to delivering results, implementing financial and timetables, cooperating and motivating stakeholders, high quality reporting and unnecessary bureaucracy. With the complexity of the current information systems, the professional experience, skills and knowledge of executives are of the utmost importance. Thanks to the well-prepared F4S managers, you get a certain guarantee of achieving high efficiency and effectiveness of development, integration or operational projects.


F4S provides customers with top-notch resources from the outsourced position. Making use of foreign resources means lowering your business costs, streamlining development and operations, enhancing the quality, performance and availability of your information systems. We provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support for F4S systems running on our or our customer's infrastructure, while supporting 2nd and 3rd level integration for third-party systems.
Outsourcing IT infrastructure - Web and Java hosting Outsourcing IT staff - project managers, consultants, technicians, developers
Outsourcing IT applications - enterprise cloud solutions
Outsourcing IT support - application support and service to information systems

Consultations and training

Experienced and trained F4S staff are ready to help you solve specific tasks of process management, business or IT architecture, quality assurance, and software automation across industries. We have experience in the banking and other financial sectors, information and communication technologies, industrial manufacturing (eg the automotive industry) and insurance. We provide consultations and training on methodologies for the management, development, integration and operation of information systems. F4S is in an independent position vis-à-vis standard software and technology providers. We can therefore provide objective advice and support for the implementation of other companies' finished products.