Development of complex business systems

Our knowledge and the technologies used enable us to efficiently develop client information systems. From single-purpose applications to complex systems covering all areas of business needs. When creating systems, we are able to cover the whole process from analysis, design, development itself to integration with other client systems.

Development platforms

We develop systems based on Java and JEE standards. At the same time, we invest in our own technology platforms, which are then used to develop specific software solutions and products. Individual platforms provide sets of components such as libraries, rule and process engines, design patterns, APIs, and other support elements that add benefits to end-user applications. In this way, we can do much more quickly, efficiently and efficiently to meet the functional requirements typical of different application areas and specific business environments. Analysts, designers, programmers, and other developers can therefore concentrate on their own tasks within the project.

Technologies used

  • Java technologies:EJB3, JSP, JSF, WebServices
  • Web technologies: PHP, React, jQuery, WebComponents, Angular, JavaScript
  • Java frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, Smartclient, JasperReports, Activiti (BPMN engine), Drools (Rule engine), MR jobs pre hadoop
  • Application Servers: Weblogic, jBoss, WebSphere, Apache Struts, Apache Wicket
  • Databases: Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, MongoDB
  • Security: CAS, oAuth, PKCS, LDAP, Kerberos, JAAS
  • Portal Servers: Liferay, Oracle Portal, Websphere Portal
  • Authorization: SAML, OAUTH, Federation/Social Login
  • DevOps: Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Maven, Gradle, Ant, Selenium
  • Development Tools: Eclipse, Jetty, Apache Tomcat
  • Messaging: Kafka, ActiveMQ / Enterprise service Bus
  • Cloud technologies: Elasticsearch, Hadoop, HBASE, Kubernetes, Apache Spark
  • Visualization: D3Js, Three.js, Alchemy.js
  • Others: Human workflow, Implementácia workflow systémov, Docker, Domain Driven Design (DDD), Model Driven Architecture (MDA), Event driven Architecture (EDA), Model driven development (MDD), CQRS