PIC Securities Trader System
(Processing Investment and Custody)

The Securities Broker System serves to manage front-end, middle and back office client accounts. It allows the management of multi-currency client accounts, which record all transactions with all financial instruments, regardless of the currency of their execution. The client has an overview of their own assets in any currency. For Middle Office, the application can be linked to multiple market data sources.

System's main features

  • Client registration and client account opening.
  • Storing scans of related documents.
  • Receipt of client's order (purchase / sale of securities or currency conversion                                              ).
  • Receiving and transferring money to the client's account.
  • Group the same orders for the same title.
  • Transmission of the client's order to execute it.
  • Receiving confirmation of executed transactions.
  • Writing transactions to client accounts.
  • Generate instructions for trade settlement for custodian.
  • Providing notifications about received orders, executing of trade and about all other transactions on the client's account by email message (by SMS messages when integrating with an SMS gateway)
  • Tracking the client portfolio and it valuating by market prices (aliquote yield of interest is calculated internally).
  • Reporting, importing and exporting data.

Currently, the application supports the following assets (additional tools are possible implement on request):

  • securities
  • mutual funds
  • bonds
  • foreign currencies
The PIC is highly flexible system. Its flexibility is ensured by using a rules machine to manage transaction booking procedures as well as to calculate commissions. The rules can also be changed during the runtime of system. To provide reporting for both internal and client use, our solution includes an integrated reporting engine, so the run of the reports does not burden the application. Access to individual functionalities is ensured through user roles that can be easily adapted to the company's organizational needs and, in expanded mode, allows access for agents clients as well.