Fund Management company

AMIS - Assset Management Information System

The system provides for the automation of management activities and the administrative processes and activities related to the issuance of shares of "unit" schemes, such as mutual funds, unit trusts or pension funds.
AMIS provides all the functions necessary for the operation of the fund management company:
  • Defining of internal funds, mutual funds, and settings of their parameters.
  • Registry of investors, their orders for purchase / sale of shares in funds, and recording of the purchases including the calculation of profitability and tax liability.
  • The process of issuing and redeeming shares on the instructions.
  • Evidence of investment instruments, constituting the portfolio of mutual funds, and transactions with these instruments.
  • Automatic actions triggered on a basis of planned events such as coupon payments and the face value of bonds.
  • Valuation of financial instruments in the portfolio of internal funds using market prices and internal calculations.
  • Valuation of the portfolio, including automatic monitoring and accounting of assets and liabilities of mutual funds.
  • Integrated internal accounting enables the recording of important accounting or management data.
  • Calculation of management fees.
  • Calculation of net asset and current unit value .
  • Calculation of the profit/loss from purchases/sales or revaluation of financial instruments in the portfolio by method FiFo.
  • Records of the audit logs.
  • Management of access rights at the application level, with the possible link to the corporate LDAP system.
  • Data exports and reports (Jasper Reports) customized to the requirements of users, business and accounting.
The following types of financial instruments are currently available:
  • units, shares, stocks
  • bonds
  • time deposits
  • foreign currencies
  • ready for use implementation of other instruments, such as options, swaps, forwards and so on.
System AMIS is based on multilayer architecture. It contains SQL database, a service layer on the base JEE and a web application with user interface "rich GUI". Our own MDA/MDD development platform ALBIQ was used.